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Contractors Predict Tightening of Federal Opportunities in Next 5 Years

Industry forecast of agency spending warns entitlements will crowd out awards.

OPM Inspector General Patrick E. McFarland testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington.

OPM’s $20 Million Contract for Post-Hack ID Protection Violated Federal Contracting Rules

Investigators found “significant deficiencies” in the process of awarding of the contract to Winvale Group and its subcontractor CSID, according to OPM IG Patrick McFarland.

Website Aims to Be for Government Contracting Pros

GovBizConnect won’t help you find love, but if you’re a government contractor, it might help you find the perfect subcontracting or qualified small business partner to carry out a challenging contract or compete for new business.

The ‘P’ in Procurement Isn’t Just for Price, It’s for People Too

The low bid doesn't guarantee the best workers for the job.

A UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter flies over eastern Afghanistan in 2013.

The Defense Department's Afghan Slush Fund Will Answer to Angry Lawmakers Soon

The Pentagon has 48 hours to start handing over the data.

Pentagon's Better Buying Power Wins Plaudits from Business Group

Review backs widening of agile acquisition, procurement reform and Silicon Valley partnerships.

18F's Micropurchasing Dilemma: Is $1 for Code Too Cheap?

For the past few weeks, GSA's tech team 18F has been running a "reverse-auction" for code.

Merging Common Purchases Makes Dollars and Sense

Taking a page from industry’s book on smarter spending.

Why Things Go Wrong

When an acquisition process is flawed, the outcome isn’t hard to predict.

A B-2, B-52, and B-1 fly in formation over Shreveport, La., on May 10 during the Defenders of Liberty Airshow and Open House in 2008.

Northrop Grumman to Build New Air Force Bomber

After years of internal Pentagon fighting to keep the project alive, the air service reveals a builder, but little else.