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Two EA-18G Growlers from the Cougars of Electronic Attack Squadron conduct a flight test in November.

New Technology Will Allow Navy To Target with Jamming Pods

Faster datalinks will allow the Navy’s EA-18 Growler to pinpoint insurgents with weapons-quality accuracy.

Pentagon Strives for Even Better Buying Power

Upgrade to acquisition strategy stresses long-range R&D, cybersecurity and commercial sourcing.

A B-2 Spirit strategic bomber conducts a low approach training flight over Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii.

The Pentagon’s Next Bomber Will Be Built To Upgrade

The stealthy strike aircraft the Air Force buys this year will look a lot different when it is retired to the boneyard decades from now.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., speaks during a December 2014 protest seeking higher hourly wages for federal contract employees.

Are Low-Wage Federal Contract Workers Getting Ripped Off?

Good Jobs Nation has filed a complaint with Labor on behalf of contract janitors, bus drivers and groundskeepers.

Are Civilian Agencies Held to a Higher Standard Than the Military?

Lawmakers expect heads to roll when civilian agencies screw up. Not so much when it’s the military.

Executive Order Protecting LGBT Contract Workers Takes Effect

Obama's action bans federal contractors from discriminating against employees because of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Are State Department Contractors Shortchanging Whistleblowers?

Watchdog finds ethics codes that 'may have chilling effect' on reporting waste and fraud.

The Real Problem With Acquisition Training

Institutions need to focus on the workforce of the future.

Refreshed USASpending Website Irks Some Transparency Advocates

Treasury's new site aims to be more user-friendly but eliminates some search capabilities.

An Afghan woman walks to a polling station in Kabul.

Watchdog Wary of Loosely Defined Program for Afghan Women

The $416 million effort could leave participants with few tangible benefits, SIGAR warns.