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GAO orders Air Force to outsource public works jobs

The General Accounting Office has reversed an Air Force decision and ordered that more than 800 military and civilian base operation jobs at Maxwell Air Force Base, Ala., be outsourced to contractors because they can perform the work at a lower price.

White House wants more federal workers to face competition

Think your job is "inherently governmental"? Think your job is safe from the Bush administration's public-private competition drive? Think again.

OMB to let agencies privatize offices for 2003 target

Agencies may privatize some operations in fiscal 2003 to comply with a Bush administration mandate to open federal jobs to the private sector, an Office of Management and Budget official said Thursday.

TSP board fires, sues computer modernization firm

The Thrift Savings Plan board on Tuesday fired the contractor that has spent four years trying to modernize the retirement savings program’s computer system.