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Contractors Resist Push to Post Contracts Online

McCaskill-Tester bill would require publishing text of awards worth $150,000 and up.

Rep. Will Hurd, R-Texas

IT Subcommittee to Focus on Buying Better Tech Faster

“It’s time we align best practices in government with industry in acquisition,” Rep. Will Hurd said.

Intel Community Scientist Subjects Contracts to Frequent Review

IARPA says research payoff success rate should be lower to reflect challenges.

A CBP vehicle drives along the U.S.-Mexico border fence near Yuma, Arizona in 2010.

Architects Have Been Gearing Up To Build Trump’s Border Wall For Years

Creating a single "impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful southern border wall" is probably impossible.

The delivery ceremony of the first production F-16 in August 1978.

Lockheed to Move F-16 Production to South Carolina

The new, smaller line will better suit the dwindling orders for the venerable fighter jet, while freeing up space for F-35 production.

A Boeing AH 64D Apache Longbow attack helicopter crew initiates its first itinerary during the operation Dire Wolf at Grafenwoehr Training Area in Germany in January.

Boeing Might Be the Biggest Winner in Trump’s Military Buildup

The Chicago aerospace company leads more than a half-dozen contractors whose programs stand to get 9- or 10-figure boosts if the president’s budget proposal becomes law.

Inside CA Technologies' $45M False Claims Settlement

While rare, these sorts of settlements are not unheard of in federal IT contracting.

Trump's Border Wall Won't Be a Wall

The latest twist in the Homeland Security solicitation for a border wall: It doesn’t need to be a wall.

GAO Weighs in on the State of Federal Contracting

Overall agency obligations dropped 24 percent over the past five years, primarily at the Pentagon.