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Oil Industry Threatens to Take Its Underwater Air Guns and Go Home

The Interior Department said that it would allow the oil industry to use seismic cannons to search for oil and gas.

President Obama wanted to limit lobbyists' influence on government but found it's easier said than done.

It Just Got Easier to Lobby Federal Agencies

Facing litigation, the Obama administration rolls back restrictions aimed at curbing special interests.

IRS Gave Sensitive Data to Convict Sentenced to 21 Years

And failed to do background checks on many other contract workers who handled taxpayer files.

Infographic: Five Steps to Manage Government Regulations for Contractors

How to deal with an audit, how to ensure compliance and more ways to stick the landing.

GSA Steers More Office Supply Deals to Small Businesses

21 new Strategic Sourcing contracts could save $90 million annually.

Will The Government Shred Your Contract After a Hack?

OPM and DHS, in a first, halted work with a background investigator after it disclosed a breach.

Sen. Tom Carper, D-Del., urged better tracking.

Misbehaving Contractors Might Be in Luck At These Agencies

GSA and State are doing the worst job of tracking past performance, though all major agencies have improved recently, auditors find.

Agencies Fail to Accurately Document Grants Worth Billions

Information reported on doesn’t match other federal data.