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Agencies Are Increasingly Reliant on Industry for Innovation

Report chronicles the need for better collaboration between government and the private sector.

The Coming Fight Between the F-35 and the New Bomber

A battle is brewing between the two multibillion-dollar aircraft programs — and the defense companies, lobbyists, and Pentagon offices that back them.

Contracting Docs: OPM Seeks to Tighten IT Security of Background Investigation Companies

OPM first inserted updated IT security clauses into existing contracts in April.

New Acquisition Tool Allows Agencies to Comparison Shop

Contractors and interested members of the pubic will have access to more procurement data as well.

SBA Finalizes New Business Size Standards

Number of employees and monetary worth definitions affected.

Navy Commander Pleads Guilty in Contractor’s Bribery-Prostitution Scheme

Criminal prosecution to continue in case of Singapore-based GDMA.

A Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) interceptor is launched during a 2013 test.

ISIS, Global Threats Boost U.S. Arms Exports

Lockheed Martin, the world’s largest defense contractor, reported strong export growth, and it’s not alone.

With Lockheed Deal, Leidos Now the Government’s Largest IT Provider

As part of the deal, Lockheed Martin will receive $1.8 billion in cash from Leidos and will own a majority – 50.5 percent – equity stake in the company worth $3.2 billion.

Labor Department headquarters in Washington.

When Workers Serve More Than One Employer, Protection Can Be Tricky

New Labor Department guidance responds to rising number of shared employees.

US Government Is Making It Possible to Dump Identifiers Tracking Contracts

As of June 2015, the government relied on approximately 380,000 DUNS numbers to track its contracts, and implementing a new and cost-effective system will not happen overnight.